Professional Proofreading Services

Proofreading for all your needs:

Business – Newsletters, Fliers, Website Content, Press Releases, Magazines, Reports, Business Plans, Speeches, Grant Proposals – Whatever the purpose, it’s always best to have someone take a professional look at your documents when you have a particular audience in mind.  Rest assured that your information is kept in-confidence, respecting embargoes and varying levels of confidentiality.

Study – Checking essays, assignments, dissertations, proposals for spelling, continuity and syntax (well-formed sentences). The content is your responsibility!

Authorship – Proofreading your draft novel, manuscript, article, story – for spelling, continuity and syntax. Respecting your originality, helping you polish your product.

Applications – Running a professional eye over job applications, CVs, submissions, grant submissions to ensure that your skills, potential and great ideas shine through in your written works.

One flat rate – $45 per 1000 words

The answers you didn’t know you needed; plus, those you did!

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